Killboard updated for the first time after launch

After looking over my past work on a whim, I reopened Killboard to discover the massive amounts of small bugs and visual glitches (etc.) I had left in the game. So, unsatisfied with its current state especially considering I was selling the game; I fixed all the issues that have been apparent to me. The known issues fixed are as follows:

  • When put in full screen the game will scale properly to your monitor
  • All enemy collision has been enhanced; eg. you wont die from walking into the red enemies, rather, you will die from falling on top of them, as intended
  • You will no longer die from running into an enemy with a chainsaw because you didn't stop at the exact right moment
  • If you turn controller rumble off, everything that will trigger rumbling will be turned off (The claw still rumbled before)
  • The blue charging enemies, when chainsawed, will no longer jump up before getting chainsawed
  • You will no longer be able to shoot enemies while they're in the grasp of your claw and have the claw go past you

After getting the chance to play test a bit more, I also changed and added two things into the game to make it easier to understand when starting out, these things are:

  • When clawing, before it would randomize whether a claw killed an enemy or pulled it closer to you, now it will only pull enemies closer to you so you can be more strategic in your playing
  • To indicate how many kills you need for the weapon to switch for any of the weapons, there is now a counter in the bottom right hand corner

The last thing I changed was the music. There is now no main menu music, just a "Welcome to Killboard" and I have removed the randomized music in favor of normal, better feeling music that not only suits the game, but is, I think, quite good.

If you have already bought the game, you should be able to go back to your purchased page on itch and re download the updated version of the game, if not, please email me at:, or tweet me at: Clark_and_Such.




Killboard for Windows 6 MB
Apr 11, 2018
Killboard for Mac 6 MB
Apr 11, 2018


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