A downloadable Zine Editor

To Download go here: https://john-clarks-fun-house.itch.io/censor-this-robots-poetry-zine-download

I forgot to upload the file when I submitted last second, so go to that second download page to download the game. Sorry about that!

Made for the Isolation Jam


In Censor This Robot's Poetry Zine, robot's write poetry. Unfortunately, the robots don't really self censor, which means they need you (a human) to go in and CLEAN UP all the dirty language manually.

How to Play:

- Click on swear words, and type in anything to replace them. 

- If you type in a word that is the same length and/or rhymes with the swear word you replaced, then you'll get a combo going. 

- Make sure you censor all the swear words within 30 seconds, or you're loose all your points. 

-After censoring 5 pages of poetry, you'll be given your final score.

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